I grew up in Shenzhen, currently live in Bay Area, and have lived in a bunch of other places such as Hong Kong, Philadelphia, Miami, Rome, and Tokyo. I studied CS and Bio at Stanford but I'm also interested in subjects like architectural design, healthcare economics, and portfolio management. At school, I’m an editor at Stanford Review and on the board of Stanford Venture Capital Club (SVCC).

I’m an entrepreneur and designer by trade. In high school, I enjoyed design and particularly architecture. One of my cooler projects was a pavilion for Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2018. That same year, I also designed a structure in Hong Kong which became a public exhibition in HK Central Park. It was around then when I realized the issue of urban pollution and directed my energy to biotech research and subsequently my startup, a filtering technology company. 

More recently, I began investing and have invested in over 50 companies. I really enjoy working with fellow founders and supporting each other in the ecosystem. I’m bullish on the long-term prospect of China, and as a result I invest in both Chinese and US companies.